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Graphics and Video

On this page you'll find various samples of graphics that I have used in my lectures, books and other resources. You'll also find links here to some of my Youtube channel videos. Under construction still.

       Drawn graphics files:


Lac virginis and the Fire of the Stone Pyrolysis and the white fume (plant)
The White Fume - Luna Pyrolysis (plant matter)
Pyrolysis (plant matter)  

Podcast graphics:

Podcast 014: Eden Simple    
Podcast 014: Eden Before Fall    



Latest Youtube Videos:

An introduction and orientation to my Youtube channel, describing the nature of the content and my goals for the channel development.



My discussion of the early history of the Western Hermetic tradition for the first 200 years beginning at the first Christian crusade.



A discussion of my definitions of the terms 'Alchemy' and 'Hermetism'. I have very specific definitions for these terms, which it helps to be aware of so that it can be understood how I use these concepts in my channel podcasts.