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I am involved with an alchemical study cooperative known as THE HEREDOM GROUP. Our primary concern is with alchemical research and development, but each year we take on a limited number of students for instruction and training in both the laboratory and inner (spiritual) alchemical works.

To borrow from mainstream tertiary education vernacular, the training we offer is post-graduate. That is, it is
not entry level, but is designed specifically for advanced students of the Western Hermetic Tradition. In other words, we do not provide instruction in the basics of Western Hermetism, nor to individuals who primarily have a background in the Eastern tradition. Successful applicants to the training we provide must already possess a reasonable education in Hermetic qabala and alchemy.

The applicant must have a professional attitude toward advanced esoteric training and see him/herself as an Hermetist. Mastery of Hermetic alchemy and a deep desire for spiritual Illumination must be his/her pre-eminent desire.

There is no charge for tuition

Email inquires to: