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I have been involved for many years in overseeing the maintenance and development of an Hermetic research team known as The Heredom Group. This group has developed a robust reputation in the realm of advanced research in to laboratory alchemy and inner alchemy (authentic Hermetic initiation.

The Heredom Group occassionally accepts requests from serious students of Hermetism, for initiatory training. Since our training system is not entry level we do not accept complete novices as students, but only individuals with a robust or documented extensive background in Western Hermetic study. To this end we encourage individuals who seek acceptance as a student in to our training system to first subscribe to and participate in our Yahoo Group "hermetic-alchemy"

It is our custom to only accept students, at this time, who become a regularly active participant on this forum, so that once tuition is applied for the tuition vetting process has a demonstratable history to refer to as to whether or not the applicant is ready for serious training.